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V-Groove Wheels

V-Groove Wheels

Durometer: Depends on Wheel Material(s)
Minimum Temperature: Depends on Wheel Material(s)
Maximum Temperature: Depends on Wheel Material(s)
Available Bearings: Plain Bore, Roller, Sealed Precision Ball, Stainless Steel Precision Ball, Stainless Steel Roller, Tapered Roller

V-Groove wheels are an option when guided movement will be used. These wheels are one type of guide wheel (also called a track wheel or drive wheel). What defines this specific type of guide wheel is the groove measuring 90° that is machined around the caster wheel in its tread. The resulting “V” shape helps equally distribute the load weight while maintaining the guided course. These wheels are seen in industrial applications as a part production lines and in other applications where heavy loads must travel long distances. V-Groove wheels are typically made of cast iron, forged steel, phenolic resin and polyurethane materials.

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