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When it comes to scaffolding, it is important to know that you can depend on your casters to get the job done. Here at CasterDepot, we understand that without a reliable mobility solution for your scaffolding, valuable time may be lost from simply moving from point A to point B. Because that’s what we believe moving something should be: simple.

Carrying brands such as Albion and Revvo, CasterDepot carries a selection of the highest quality scaffolding casters with features like high dynamic capacity, total lock brakes, round stem mounting and moldon rubber on iron wheels.

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  1. C008.556


    GLC Casters & Wheels

    Scaffolding caster with 8" x 2" Rubber Black non-marking wheel

    • Roller Bearing
    • Total Lock Brake
    • 138" x 4" Round Stem with 1/2" hole 2-1/2" above swivel
    • 600 lbs Dynamic Capacity
  2. C008.800


    GLC Casters & Wheels

    Scaffolding caster with 5" x 1.25" Rubber Black non-marking wheel

    • Plain Bore Bearing
    • Total Lock Brake
    • 114" x 4" Square Stem
    • 240 lbs Dynamic Capacity

2 Item(s)