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Details on the new tariff surcharge

Thank you for choosing CasterDepot for your caster solutions. We appreciate that you depend on us to continually deliver on our Expert. Easy. Every Time. promise.

The United States has implemented the following trade restrictions:

  • Section 232: Restrictions on steel mill and aluminum articles
  • Section 301: Restrictions on products from China

As a result of these tariffs, many of our suppliers have been affected either directly or indirectly. We have been assured that careful analyses have taken place regarding the impact on their products.

The following will be effective immediately and for the duration of these tariffs and restrictions.

Select products will be assessed a surcharge at the time of shipment. While we will make every attempt to communicate proactively about the specific impact on each purchase order, the potential remains that the invoice may not match the original PO amount. Additionally, there remain unknown cost consequences of these tariffs and the potential for us to see cost increases as they pass down through supply channels. For this reason, CasterDepot will continue to assess this situation and, if necessary, may require adjustment to the applicable surcharge.

In many instances, there are functionally equivalent options available that are currently excluded from the tariffs. Our expert sales team is here to help you find the very best solution for you needs. Please reach out to your local sales office, sales representative or give our main line a call (888.722.7837).

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the surcharge be noted on my invoice?

Due to the complexity of our supply chain will require that CasterDepot apply the tariffs in one of two ways. A separate line item will denote whether the tariff surcharge was included in the costing or whether it was added as a separate pass through cost.

Will all my purchases will be affected by the tariff equally?

No. Some of our product line will not be impacted at all. There will be other instances where product will incur the full tariff. Many times, such as when there is a mix of impacted and non-impacted components, the surcharge will fall somewhere in between.

Is this permanent?

No. This is strictly a pass through surcharge as it directly relates to the imposed tariffs. CasterDepot and our suppliers will continue to work to mitigate the impact of these tariffs, and in the event they are reduced or removed, we will react quickly and effectively. We will closely monitor ongoing events and will endeavor to communicate any changes as they arise.

I have further questions, who should I contact?

Please reach out to your local sales office, sales representative or give our main line a call (888.722.7837). We’d be happy to answer any further questions you may have.