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  • Improved Durability and Lifespan

    CasterDepot, a national caster and wheel supplier, is excited to announce recent improvements to two of their popular swivel rigs for industrial 2” wide needs. Both have been upgraded to improve their durability and lifespan.

    The USA-made Colson 4 Series and Albion 16 Series have been upgraded to now feature a standard 3/4” thick kingpin on all swivel models which will significantly improve their durability. With the increased kingpin size, the 4 Series and Albion 16 series swivel rigs will last over 40% longer than the previous 5/8” kingpin versions and the leading imports. This translates into a longer lasting part that will be appropriate for even the most demanding applications.

    The Colson 4 Series is one of the most diverse caster series on the market, featuring swivel and rigid top plates. Customizations include hand- or foot-activated swivel locks and tread, side, Tech®, top, and total locks. Wheels have over 20 material options with diameters ranging from 3” to 8”. With up to 1,250 lbs dynamic capacity, six bearing options, and either a zinc plated or stainless steel finish, the 4 Series is one of the most highly demanded casters in the world.

    The Albion 16 Series are medium duty casters for cart, dolly, waste disposal, and warehouse truck applications. Dynamic capacity reaches 1,250 lbs, and available wheel diameters range from 3.25” to 8” in over 25 material options. The series has nine different brake options, eight bearing possibilities, four possible mounting plates and six other potential rig customizations.

    USA­ made is an important purchasing driver to over 50% of OEMs recently surveyed, and both series are expected to add extra value and differentiation to the CasterDepot product offerings. The Colson 4 Series and Albion 16 Series offer the reliability of longer lasting parts, domestic lead time, and a 3 ­year warranty. CasterDepot stocks both the Colson 4 Series and Albion 16 Series for fast delivery.

  • Adding casters makes life easier

    Casters impact people in their everyday lives more that they think. They are used in almost every office setting, they are huge in the medical industry, and they even make life easier at home. At CasterDepot we have a variety of casters and wheels to suit all those needs. Recently, someone reached out to us to purchase casters for an item that they had found on Amazon. They were interested in retro-fitting a bakers rack.

    In a proud CasterDepot moment, we discovered that the customer came to us as a referral from another Amazon customer who had purchased the rack but couldn’t find the correct casters on Amazon’s website. The referral came in the form of a posted review. CasterDepot was able to get the right casters to mobilize the bakers rack for ease of use.  

    At CasterDepot we carry over 100,000 configurations of Casters and Wheels and our experts collectively carry over 200 years of experience. We make it Easy Every Time.

    Please click on the following review. The review is titled, “Extremely HAPPY with this Bakers Rack!

    If for some reason that you cannot click on the link please copy and paste the url below.

  • Easy on, easy off: Clamp on casters

    When it comes to attaching casters, a few styles are typically the most prevalent: top plates, threaded stems, grip ring stems, grip neck stems and expanding adapter stems.

    Every once in a while though, we run into something that is a little less common. These uncommon caster mounting types include U-plates, holes-in-the-head, knurled stems and others. Recently, we came across a more unusual mounting option: a clamp-on. Continue reading

  • Get on the green with pneumatic caster wheels

    Caster Solutions Consultant Bill Gladstone recently made a stop at a local university to help a client fix a mobility issue.

    But instead of helping with the countless casters and caster wheels used inside the campus buildings, Bill was there to see the groundskeeping department. Continue reading

  • Leveling casters and the FootMaster difference

    The FootMaster GD-80F is a client favorite


    Leveling casters boast a superior design that allows not just the mobility of loads, but also a unique locking system that prevents movement. The addition of an anti-vibration cushion, plus a mechanism to raise and lower this cushion creates a unique feature: the supported load may sit completely level to the floor when desired or the load can be raised if mobility is needed. Leveling casters are sworn by in a number of industries (pharmaceutical, medical, woodworking, et al.) and the FootMaster brand's leveling caster products are the industry benchmark for quality and performance. When you are seeking the most reliable mobility solution among leveling casters, you're looking for FootMaster products.

    Continue reading

  • Using keyways to drive your business forward

    For motorized equipment, a complete caster isn't the best solution when you need mobility. That's where drive wheels come in.  Whether you are working in the aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, or another industry, keyway drive wheels and drive wheels can play a key role in your operation. Most of these environments require easy rolling, heavy loads, continuous use, and precision performance; keyway drive wheels can provide this exact solution.

    Continue reading

  • Heavy Service casters for heavy duty applications

    When you select a caster manufacturer that’s been in the industry for over a century, you can pretty much count on quality parts and service. That's Hamilton Caster for you. The current demand for precision heavy duty casters and components is steadily increasing and when you find the best heavy duty casters and equipment to fulfill your needs, operational productivity thrives. Of Hamilton's many heavy duty caster product lines, we typically see the most demand for their Heavy Service series and it is easy to see why.

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  • Industrial Caster Wheels for the Big Jobs

    With the proper industrial caster wheels, operations can increase productivity and create a safer, work-friendly environment. When you have big jobs, industrial caster wheels are available in many durable materials for the toughest jobs on the planet. Continue reading

  • Low profile casters: Out of sight, out of mind

    What casters do you buy when you don't want them to be noticed? Low profile casters and wheels are often the perfect solution for mobile office environments that house all types of furniture, high-tech server cabinets, vending machines, medical equipment, theatre props, airport displays, and more. Low profile casters are generally nearly an inch or more shorter in overall height, but have a wider wheel width to help support additional weight. Continue reading

  • Managing caster chatter

    An investment in extended lead casters is your solution to caster chatter, or the shimmying action of the wheels that takes place on carts and other rolling equipment. There are a number of reasons for caster chatter (also known as caster flutter or a caster shimmy) along with a variety of effective solutions. Let’s figure out the problem and just what you can do about it. It will be important to make the right choice, and there are many factors in your extended lead caster selection that directly affect the success of your rolling equipment.

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