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Colson Caster

Possibly the most recognizable name in the industry, Colson casters and wheels are nearly synonymous with precision and performance. Pridefully designing and manufacturing products in the USA for 130 years now, Colson Caster Corporation has the ergonomic knowledge and experience to be a market leader in nearly all applications. Whether it’s one or 1,000 light or heavy duty casters, top or directional lock brakes, steel or phenolic wheels, Colson has you covered.

Colson 1 Series Caster

Colson 1 Series

Capacity up to 145 lbs

Colson 2 Series Caster

Colson 2 Series

Capacity up to 325 lbs

Colson 3 Series Caster

Colson 3 Series

Capacity up to 800 lbs

Colson 4 Series Caster

Colson 4 Series

Capacity up to 1,400 lbs

Colson 6 Series Caster

Colson 6 Series

Capacity up to 1,500 lbs

Colson 7 Series Caster

Colson 7 Series

Capacity up to 6,000 lbs

Colson 8 Series Caster

Colson 8 Series

Capacity up to 6,000 lbs

Colson Caster Floor Lock

Floor Locks

Light to Heavy Duty