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  • CasterDepot Named Colson Group "Platinum Partner"

    CasterDepot is a Colson Group Platinum DistributorIt just became easier than ever to get Colson Group casters and wheels through CasterDepot. Colson Group unveiled a new tiered system for its suppliers, and to nobody's surprise, CasterDepot was named a top-tier Colson Partner.

    With this announcement, CasterDepot is the only platinum Colson Group supplier in Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. The partnership deal means that CasterDepot's 6  national offices will be able to source Colson Group caster and wheel products across the country at the most competitive price with priority delivery.

    Colson Group is the largest manufacturer and supplier of caster and wheel products in the world. CasterDepot has been selling Colson Group casters since CasterDepot began operations in 1980 as Great Lakes Caster.


    Look at our Colson Group products here.

    For special projects or questions, call or email and one of our caster consultants will help find the best caster for your needs.

  • CasterDepot and RWM Casters Establish Supplier Deal

    CasterDepot is growing again!  But this time, we're expanding our already extensive offering of casters and wheels.

    CasterDepot is excited to announce a supplier deal with RWM.

    With this deal in place, CasterDepot can now quickly and consistently offer RWM's high-quality, American-made caster and wheel products.

    CasterDepot and North Carolina-based caster manufacturer RWM have worked together successfully for many years. However, CasterDepot was not an official RWM supplier until July 2019.

    With this new supplier deal in place, CasterDepot's customers will more quality casters available to quickly address their mobility needs. RWM specializes in heavy-duty kingpinless casters, which they invented and continue to manufacture in their Gastonia, NC headquarters.


    Interested in something new? Look at RWM's catalog.

    Give us a call or email, and one of our caster consultants will help find the best caster for your needs.


  • Wheels UP! A Look at Glass-handling Casters

    In the world of casters, there are no right or wrong answers. Just solutions. For a lot of our clients, the more traditional standard mount (roll-y side down) suits their needs the best. But there are exceptions to the general rule. For example,  Albion’s Conveyor Caster, among others, is reverse mounted (roll-y side up) for best operation.

    Regardless of how you roll, CasterDepot likes to see how people use our casters creatively. Take a look at what our customer did with some Shepherd casters. Continue reading

  • Footmaster Leveling Casters: Top Plate Adaptability

     When FootMaster created the now industry-standard GD leveling caster, its main uses were for applications where casters either wouldn't typically be a feasible option, or where casters were used with independent levelers. Part of their original engineering process aimed to simplify top plate options.

    So when creating a top plate option for their GD series casters, they used a square bolt pattern that set the leveling pad in the center of its faceplate.  

    Continue reading
  • CasterDepot Acquires Bastian Solutions' Caster and Wheel Division

    CasterDepot is growing!

    With its recent acquisition of Bastian Solutions' caster and wheel Division, CasterDepot has a new Indianapolis stocking sales center. Continue reading

  • Colson Group Brand Roundup: Featuring Albion and Shepherd Casters

    As a trusted source of CasterDepot’s casters and wheels, all of the Colson Group brands that we carry have American roots. Since 1885, the world’s largest manufacturer of casters and wheels has taken pride in quality and innovation.  

    With brands covering most categories and applications, here are a few caster and wheel products that our customers love from two Colson Group brands — Albion and Shepherd. Continue reading

  • Heavy Duty Casters: Sweeping the Competition

    When Henry Ford first used the assembly line for car production in 1913, he couldn't have guessed that automotive production would ever roll this smoothly.

    Continue reading

  • Will There be a 2019 U.S. - Forged Caster Shortage?

    Are you having trouble finding certain domestic forged steel casters and wheels? If you’ve noticed some scarcity — here’s the short version: a big forge in Michigan suddenly shut down — leaving many manufacturers scrambling to find replacement part suppliers in the US. Continue reading

  • A Look at Hamilton's Workhorse Series

    The in-between land of casters and wheels can be difficult to navigate. Variables like cost, capability, materials, and configuration create gaps in product offerings. Hamilton recognized an opportunity to expand their caster offerings in the space between their Heavy Service Series and Standard Duty 52 Series.

    In this case,  Hamilton created the Workhorse Series to provide both heavy-duty weight capacity and construction from the Heavy Service caster and the 4x5” mounting plate and 3x3.5” bolt pattern from the Standard Duty line.

    Continue reading

  • Albion’s Empire 370 & 470 Series Kingpinless Casters Bridge the Gap for Economic 3” Wide Wheel Applications

    Colson Group’s Albion division saw a need, rolled up their sleeves, and engineered the perfect in-between economic caster for heavy-duty applications requiring a kingpinless construction.

    Many times, in-between applications are danced around or altogether ignored. Yet these gaps provide an opportunity for innovation. It’s how golfers got countless irons, woods, and drivers to choose from. Innovating for the in-between spaces in the market is also probably how boxer briefs and crossover SUVs came about. Continue reading

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