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Ergonomic Casters for Engine Transport


Moving engines around is a tough job, and caster failure or suboptimal performance is simply unacceptable.  So when an engineering client came to CasterDepot with an engine cart project, we were up to the challenge of selecting the best caster to handle their requirements for weight, maneuverability, and low noise.


Manufacturer's Requirements

Engine Carts

The swivel casters + wheels that we were replacing had to:

  • Be compatible with existing Colson floor locks
  • Handle a total load of approximately 2000lbs
  • Quietly roll on concrete
  • Turn smoothly and operate ergonomically
  • Operate without needing maintenance
  • Withstand consistent push/pull force

CasterDepot's Solution

Our Detroit office worked with the customer's design engineers to find the best solution for this in-between-weight project.

Albion 18 series casters on engine transport carts

Here's what CasterDepot recommended considering the needs:

The entire Albion line provides exceptional quality and durability. The 18 series, in particular, is noted for its performance when used on picking carts, light towing carts, AGV, and towline applications. Whenever CasterDepot receives a request for consultation, we look at every possible factor, like weight, working conditions, and environmental factors like noise and flooring type to make sure our customers get more than they expected.

If you have less than optimal function with your mobile manufacturing equipment, we can help. Call CasterDepot today!