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Another Greenhouse Cart Success Story

This caster success story comes from a greenhouse operation in Indiana.

CasterDepot’s President, Jason Popma visited a large greenhouse operation that wanted to reduce maintenance downtime from greenhouse cart caster and wheel wear and get better mileage out of their new casters. As you can see below, repeated use on rough surfaces and in wet conditions mean that greenhouses present a challenging operating environment for casters and wheels.


Greenhouse carts commonly use Colson 4 Series casters ranging in size from 4" x 2” to 6" x 2”— and most with non-marking, easy-rolling wheels like Colson Performa—or similar wheels with thermoplastic rubber on polyolefin core.


We know that for greenhouse casters, failure is not an option—especially in the busy spring and summer months when demand spikes for flowers, seedlings, and mature plants. Caster chatter, flattened wheels, or squeaky bearings are unacceptable in these high-mobility environments during peak times.

To reduce greenhouse caster and wheel wear in the busy season, we recommended the 5x2” Colson 4 Series (swivel and rigid) with upgraded pedestal precision ball bearings that require no maintenance (no greasing), and roll easier than their old roller bearings. These sealed bearings give every cart one less point of failure during daily operations


Greenhouses are finicky environments for casters. And moisture, debris, chemicals, and fertilizers common to these growing environments, plus constant transport between facilities, sales greenhouses, or hardware stores means that these carts receive pretty rough treatment.

We’re excited to see these revamped greenhouse carts next season!

Are old, worn greenhouse casters giving your problems?  Let us help you reduce downtime in your busy seasons and keep your greenhouse carts moving. More importantly, quality casters, wheels, and bearings can help you reduce costs even during scheduled maintenance times.

Call us today! One of our caster experts help will find the casters and wheels for your needs and budget.