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Flanged Wheels

Flanged Wheels

Durometer: Depends on Wheel Material(s)
Minimum Temperature: Depends on Wheel Material(s)
Maximum Temperature: Depends on Wheel Material(s)
Available Bearings: Plain Bore, Precision Ball, Roller, Tapered Roller

Flanged wheels are an option designed to roll on a track or a rail and may be found in many industrial applications. Similar to V-Groove wheels, these wheels are a type of track wheel (also called guide wheel or drive wheel). The flanged feature allows loads to be lifted up and off the floor and is available in a single (i.e. one side of the wheel's face) or as a double (both ends) flange. These wheels are often found in manufacturing, automotive, mining, and railroad applications. Flanged wheels are most commonly made of ductile steel, forged steel and nylon materials.

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