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Why the name change?
We have grown outside of just the Great Lakes region and the name Great Lakes Caster (as much as we love it) no longer fits the company's market position. This change gains us greater inclusion for our different locations and more directly speaks to who we are and where we’re going.

Has the company ownership changed?
No, we have not changed ownership. CasterDepot® is the same family owned operation that it has been for over 30 years under the Great Lakes Caster name, with the inclusion of our new Richmond, VA office, previously Atlantic Caster.

What about my Great Lakes Caster contact?
Every Great Lakes Caster employee is staying with the new company. We are proud of our team and love them all!

Has contact information changed?
Yes, some contact info has changed. All of our phone and fax numbers are the same, but we have new e-mail addresses. Please Contact Us to request updated e-mail information.

What about my local office?
We are keeping all of our local offices. You can see a list of our locations and addresses here.

Can I still get the same products I did on the old site?
We are still working to add products to the CasterDepot Website. In general, most all products are still available as before. If you can’t find what you are looking for please Contact Us and we will be glad to help, until all products can be listed.

Is CasterDepot® one or two words?
We are using CasterDepot® as one word with both the "C" and the "D" capitalized.

Has Federal Tax ID information changed?
No, this information is still the same for what was previously Great Lakes Caster; only our name has changed. If you are requesting new information for what was previously Atlantic Caster please Contact Us.

How can I request an updated W-9?
Please Contact Us to request an updated form.

Does CasterDepot® bring any changes beyond the name?
Yes! We are now ISO-9001:2008 certified at all of our locations. We are also introducing our CasterDepot Select offering of guaranteed in stock items, no questions 12 month returns and more. Plus our new tag line: "Expert. Easy. Every Time." This is our view of everything we do. We are here to make every communication with us EASY, bring our EXPERTISE value to every interaction and do it EVERY TIME!

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