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Win Weekly Prizes with CasterDepot's NFL Pick'em Challenge

We’re over half-way through this year’s NFL season. And if you haven’t been playing our Pick ‘em Challenge, then you’ve been missing out on the opportunity to get some great CasterDepot gear.

The NFL Pick’em Challenge is simple:
For every NFL game happening for the week, you pick which team you think will win.

You can perform in-depth analysis to determine likely winners, check out Vegas odds, or make your picks based on your preferences regarding:

  • Uniform color
  • Birds
  • Animals
  • Pirates
  • Cowboys and Indians
  • Most despised or beloved player(s)

You don’t have to even like football to appreciate the quality prize we’re giving out to our weekly winners:

A portable, full-sized CasterDepot beanbag-toss game.

And it's not too late to enter and make a run for our overall winner grand prize: A big-screen TV.

Plus it's free to enter.

Here’s how to get started with our Pick’em Challenge.
  • Go to www.
  • Create an account or login with your existing CasterDepot account
  • Pick which NFL teams you think will win their matchup for the week
  • Keep playing each week
  • Make good picks and win prizes