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Improved Durability and Lifespan

CasterDepot, a national caster and wheel supplier, is excited to announce recent improvements to two of their popular swivel rigs for industrial 2” wide needs. Both have been upgraded to improve their durability and lifespan.

The USA-made Colson 4 Series and Albion 16 Series have been upgraded to now feature a standard 3/4” thick kingpin on all swivel models which will significantly improve their durability. With the increased kingpin size, the 4 Series and Albion 16 series swivel rigs will last over 40% longer than the previous 5/8” kingpin versions and the leading imports. This translates into a longer lasting part that will be appropriate for even the most demanding applications.

The Colson 4 Series is one of the most diverse caster series on the market, featuring swivel and rigid top plates. Customizations include hand- or foot-activated swivel locks and tread, side, Tech®, top, and total locks. Wheels have over 20 material options with diameters ranging from 3” to 8”. With up to 1,250 lbs dynamic capacity, six bearing options, and either a zinc plated or stainless steel finish, the 4 Series is one of the most highly demanded casters in the world.

The Albion 16 Series are medium duty casters for cart, dolly, waste disposal, and warehouse truck applications. Dynamic capacity reaches 1,250 lbs, and available wheel diameters range from 3.25” to 8” in over 25 material options. The series has nine different brake options, eight bearing possibilities, four possible mounting plates and six other potential rig customizations.

USA­ made is an important purchasing driver to over 50% of OEMs recently surveyed, and both series are expected to add extra value and differentiation to the CasterDepot product offerings. The Colson 4 Series and Albion 16 Series offer the reliability of longer lasting parts, domestic lead time, and a 3 ­year warranty. CasterDepot stocks both the Colson 4 Series and Albion 16 Series for fast delivery.