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Easy on, easy off: Clamp on casters

When it comes to attaching casters, a few styles are typically the most prevalent: top plates, threaded stems, grip ring stems, grip neck stems and expanding adapter stems.

Every once in a while though, we run into something that is a little less common. These uncommon caster mounting types include U-plates, holes-in-the-head, knurled stems and others. Recently, we came across a more unusual mounting option: a clamp-on.


These clamp-on casters were needed to clamp onto 2" square stock steel for the manufacturer of luxury yachts.

However, the hardest part of this job was the timeframe. The yacht manufacturer needed the first 30 new casters in just two weeks. 

And was the CasterDepot team able to deliver? Of course.

After a little digging and some communication with one of our vendors, Travis Popma was able to set up our client with exactly what they needed. Travis also upgraded their wheels from a metal to a polyurethane tread so that the client's floor would stop being marked up.

Need casters for your own unusual application? Let's talk!

You can see the product we supplied above and a few images of the old casters below.