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Leveling casters and the FootMaster difference

The FootMaster GD-80F is a client favorite


Leveling casters boast a superior design that allows not just the mobility of loads, but also a unique locking system that prevents movement. The addition of an anti-vibration cushion, plus a mechanism to raise and lower this cushion creates a unique feature: the supported load may sit completely level to the floor when desired or the load can be raised if mobility is needed. Leveling casters are sworn by in a number of industries (pharmaceutical, medical, woodworking, et al.) and the FootMaster brand's leveling caster products are the industry benchmark for quality and performance. When you are seeking the most reliable mobility solution among leveling casters, you're looking for FootMaster products.

Leveling caster load adjustment styles

The leveling casters manufactured by FootMaster Casters & Wheels are available in four different series:

  1. SGDN-80S The SGDN Series features stainless steel leveling casters similar to the GDN Series products

    The FootMaster GD Series leveling casters feature a manual thumb wheel to adjust the load's weight. The thumb wheel is accessible on both sides of the caster's body, but not directly across from the wheel. These are the most common FootMaster leveling caster products.

  2. The FootMaster GDN Series leveling casters feature a manual thumb wheel that has limited access to adjust its load height. The thumb wheel is located directly opposite of its wheel. These are the least common FootMaster leveling caster products.
  3. The FootMaster SGDN Series is a stainless steel version of the GDN Series described above.
  4. The FootMaster GDR Series leveling casters feature a manual ratcheting system to adjust the load's height. Though not the most common style of leveling casters, this style is the easiest to use.

A perfectly crafted, die-cast aluminum frame along with a steel swivel-head and rubber foot pad is standard on all FootMaster leveling casters. You can also expect shock absorption, anti-vibration axles, and the highest quality components in every piece.

Customizing leveling casters for your application

If leveling casters are the best mobility solution for your application, it’s next to impossible to beat a FootMaster product in terms of performance and quality. FootMaster leveling casters are manufactured in South Korea using superior quality components to suit the most serious of applications. You can expect precision features with all FootMaster leveling casters and also have the following customizations available:

  • Four available Metric stem sizes and five different sizes of top plates for mounting
  • Dynamic weight capacities that reach up to 3,330 pounds per caster (depending on wheel size)
  • Wheel choice of black nylon, natural urethane on aluminum, or blue MC nylon
  • Standard rubber cushion, anti-static rubber, or polyurethane floor cushion

The GD-40F-BLK is our most popular leveling caster for low profile applications

Selecting the right leveling casters for your application

FootMaster leveling casters are used in a variety of applications: we see them used by many of our clients in the original equipment manufacturers (OEM), maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) industries, but also for DIY projects, like this grill. Leveling casters are also a customer favorite for woodworking applications. 

Picking the correct leveling casters for your project can be tricky; determining the dynamic weight capacity needed per caster can be especially confusing. If you know exactly what which product you need, that's great, but if not, don't hesitate to contact us by phone, by email, or even in person. We're got well more than a century of caster experience on our staff, so use our expertise to make your decision an easy one.