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Industrial Caster Wheels for the Big Jobs

With the proper industrial caster wheels, operations can increase productivity and create a safer, work-friendly environment. When you have big jobs, industrial caster wheels are available in many durable materials for the toughest jobs on the planet.

Industrial Caster Wheel Construction

Wheels are a lifelong invention present in every industry. Industrial casters and wheels are made from a variety of performance materials to meet the world’s most difficult construction, workplace, and other challenges.

While industrial wheels alone can give great strength to your applications, without an appropriate rig (also known as a fork or yoke), they are of little value. Three options for rigs are available for industrial caster applications: rigid, swivel and kingpinless swivel. In the case of your rolling equipment needs, the right industrial caster and wheel combination are the essential elements for easy movement, heavy loads, and superior transport.

Some industrial wheel materials include:

  1. Polyurethane
  2. Phenolic resin
  3. Thermoplastic elastomers
  4. Metal

Once a wheel is selected, the bearing within the wheel need to be chosen. You can see all of our caster bearing options in this guide.

How To Choose Heavy Duty Caster Wheels

Given the choices for industrial caster wheels on the market, making a selection can be a bit overwhelming. Choosing the right parts for your caster application can be the difference between failure and success. Industrial caster wheels may seem like a minor component in your operation, but this foundational element of rolling equipment is critical for safety and productivity in the workplace. Check these environmental conditions that will help choose heavy duty caster wheels for your big jobs:

  • Load Weight
  • Floor Surfaces and Conditions
  • Extreme Temperatures
  • Rolling Requirements
  • Environmental Requirements

Once you have reviewed your specific requirements for caster wheels, half the work is done. You know what you need; now you are ready to get online and find it.

A Reputable Source for Casters and Industrial Wheels

Your CasterDepot support team can help you choose the right combination of parts and components for your environment. They can guide you to choose the industrial Colson casters and wheels that are made for your application. Some of these caster and wheel combinations include: two swivel and two rigid, four swivel and two rigid, four swivel, tilt mount, or diamond mount. When you find a team that understands industry needs for wheeled equipment, you are likely to save time and money in the long term. Contact CasterDepot today as your reputable source for industrial caster wheels.