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Low profile casters: Out of sight, out of mind

What casters do you buy when you don't want them to be noticed? Low profile casters and wheels are often the perfect solution for mobile office environments that house all types of furniture, high-tech server cabinets, vending machines, medical equipment, theatre props, airport displays, and more. Low profile casters are generally nearly an inch or more shorter in overall height, but have a wider wheel width to help support additional weight.

When rolling equipment calls for durability and heavy load weights, it's a simple physics that increasing wheel diameter will increase the load weight. The fact is, you don’t want to compromise strength and durability for a smooth low-profile caster model, and you don’t have to. The specific low-profile casters you need depends on how you will be using them along with a number of environmental factors.

Specifications for Low Profile Casters

There are a variety of low profile casters to choose from, so you’ll need to take an assessment of your equipment and surroundings in order to find the right low profile caster for your application.

  • Load Weight Required. How much does the weight will the low profile casters support?
  • Surface Conditions. Are your casters and wheels rolling across asphalt, brick, carpet, steel, tile, wood, or a different surface?
  • Usage. How often will your equipment need to be moved?
  • Exposure. Will your low profile casters and wheels be exposed to any extreme or unusual elements?
  • Environmental Conditions. Will your casters and wheels be used among varying chemicals?

Caster features are nearly endless, so be prepared with this information to help choose the proper low profile casters. Once you know your requirements, there are many low profile caster choices.

Low Profile Caster Choices

There are dozens of low profile caster combinations to choose from. Aim for the right feature combination for low-profile heavy duty casters based on how your casters will be used. This is the time you may wish to call on CasterDepot to guide you in your selection. Some of your options include:

  • Wheel Size. How small of a wheel do you need?
  • Wheel Type. Do you want a single log wheel or a dual wheel low profile caster?
  • Wheel Material. Choose between nylon, resin, rubber, plastic, polyurethane, or steel wheels depending on the surrounding conditions.
  • Brakes. Do your low profile casters need to be able to lock in place?

Our most popular low profile caster and wheel products can be found in the 00 Series from the Shepherd Caster Corporation. 

There are many more feature sets for your office equipment and other low profile caster needs. Let CasterDepot be your guide for low profile casters and ensure seamless performance for all of your rolling furniture and equipment in whatever industry you and your team perform. Count on safety, productivity, and easy mobility with relevant caster solutions.