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Casters for Lean Manufacturing

A popular topic we have been hearing more and more about in nearly every industry is lean manufacturing. Lean manufacturing refers to a way in which companies can create more value for their customers with fewer, more economical resources while creating less waste. When it comes to operational efficiency, CasterDepot is able and willing to help you make a difference on your bottom line.

How Casters Affect Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is also referred to as lean production or lean management. The term crosses many industries today, as worldwide companies pursue leaner processes. Leaders in the caster and wheel industry as well work toward heightened efficiency in the areas of design and manufacturing, distribution, and customer services. It is an era in which people are interested in eliminating waste and improving lead times, originally a common philosophy in the Japanese production environment.

Industries are looking at every detail on the production floor to gain efficiencies and eliminate waste. One way productivity leaders are making a difference is by improving workspaces and equipment with custom casters and wheels designed for added efficiency. By using mobile tables and furniture, production floors double as spaces where a variety of processes can take place. Building retrofits become easy and affordable solutions. As well, the right casters are responsible for reduced noise, superior locking, and increased safety in the workplace. You can read how we have done this in the past with Tack Electronics.

How Casters Can Promote Lean Manufacturing

As more and more manufacturing companies look at ways to practice lean manufacturing, caster suppliers are filling a great demand. Custom parts go a long way in eliminating waste on the production floor. When casters can be manufactured to fill specific needs, productivity goes up and waste goes down.

Consider the following:

  • When the transport of goods and services is done manually, risks go up and efficiency is lost. Casters and wheels in the right configuration can provide efficiency in mobility for moving materials.
  • Employees spend far less time in transporting materials and more time on their primary responsibilities when precision caster and wheels systems are put in place. Wasted time is minimized.
  • When industrial casters are ordered specifically for their application, there is reduced downtime for maintenance, or no downtime if maintenance-free casters have been purchased.

Let CasterDepot help you in your goal to achieve lean production using lean manufacturing tools. It’s a choice that positively affects your company, your people, your pocketbook, and the environment.