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Colson 2 Series: Casters Our Clients Love

When it comes to light duty casters, the Colson 2 Series is unrivaled. Considering the countless applications of casters between the OEM, MRO and other markets, the 2 Series has a light duty caster product that will meet your needs. Whether you need casters for industrial carts, hospital beds, electronic equipment, or nearly anything else, chances are you want a quality product. Lucky for you, Colson is a highly-requested brand that customers have come to love.

2 Series Specifications + Customizations

With 2 Series caster products from Colson Caster aren't the same old cheap and flimsy casters you've seen in department stores; the Colson 2 Series casters products are a durable and reliable mobility solution with countless customizations available. Wheel sizes range from 2-1/2" to 5" in diameter and have a width of 1-1/4". The construction and materials of Colson Caster parts are second to none among caster manufacturers. The 2 Series lets you select from top plate, threaded stem, grip ring stem, expanding stem, modular stem,  square stem,  pipe thread or round stem mounting to meet any project requirements. Caster wheel choices are nearly endless with options that include Colson's own Performa wheel, Hi-Tech polyurethane wheel and ThermoTech wheel. Caster brake options include a top brake, a directional brake, a total lock brake, and Colson's own Tech Lock brake.

The CasterDepot + Colson Caster Advantage

When you select a Colson Caster product from CasterDepot, you get more than just a name. Colson Caster products have been the caster and wheel industry's benchmark for quality and craftsmanship for over a century now.

As a preferred supplier of Colson Caster, CasterDepot provides easy and reliable access of quality Colson Caster products to our clients.Our team is in constant communication with Colson Caster employees to make sure that ordering Colson Caster products is as easy as possible. However, the best news for clients who select Colson 2 Series casters from CasterDepot is that they have found a reliable long-term and cost-effective source for their casters and caster wheels.

Caster and wheels make the world go around and meet mobility needs across every industry and every environment. The ideal caster will  endure your toughest challenges and we want to help you find that perfect product. Contact CasterDepot today, and let’s make your order for Colson 2 Series casters a reality.