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3 Most Common DIY Caster Projects

Who doesn’t love furniture that rolls? With the right caster and wheel set, there is some magic in the feel of rolling a piece of vintage furniture or a utility table across the room. Versatile DIY projects and repurposed materials are making a comeback in home décor, and creative casters make it possible to rearrange furniture all year long. People are going online to discover and share viral ideas, and the common caster is no longer a small part of these design concepts. Decorative and functional casters alike are resulting in room focal points, adding drama and creating safer spaces, from functional tables to all-purpose carts and cabinets.


Fun and Functional Tables

Every shared living space needs a table. It’s a gathering place where people come together to share their stories, describe their journeys, and laugh about their daily adventures. Modern day DIY table redesigns are made to be functional, and they are often one-of-a-kind designs that are assembled from old wood and new hardware. Low tables, whether they are square, rectangular, or round, can use a cast iron swivel caster like this one to add to the design concept and create a retro look that fits into any space. These fun and functional DIY tables can easily be moved from room to room to accommodate living styles. Vintage cast iron casters are trending among urban loft-style apartments to integrate with interchangeable period décor that is highly desired among diverse inhabitants. Coffee tables, game tables, crafting tables, accent tables, and console tables are just a few of the table styles gaining new life from cast iron casters.

Modern and Useful Utility Carts

It is an era in which utilitarian components are making their way into modern living spaces as decorative elements. Living spaces are structurally more industrialized and thus interiors and furniture are designed to complement the theme. Broken down utility carts are being reincarnated as nostalgic conversation pieces with purpose. Inside the home, on the patio, and in the garage—homeowners and office managers are finding modern and useful utility carts a handy alternative to built-in storage and heavy stationary furniture. Reclaimed wood, painted metals, and durable steel carts adorned with hard rubber casters like these are making a statement in both urban and rural developments among consumers of every age. The travel, hotel, and entertainment industries are also finding value in moveable furniture with black rubber swivel casters.

All-Purpose Metal Cabinets and Wire Shelving

Wire shelving is appearing in old and new spaces to create vibrancy and interest, increase storage space but also to promote mobility. Wire shelving may increase storage space, but attaching some twin wheel casters like these paired with sockets like these will help the shelving reach its full potential. Whether you are completing a basement or garage or just making storage for your music system, cast iron and vintage metals are taking center stage.

Get the wheel and caster sets that make a statement and add value to your living and working spaces. CasterDepot is your one stop site for industrial casters to enhance your DIY tables, utility carts, and metal cabinets. Let the team help you get started on your DIY project today.