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V-groove wheels keep your project on track

In the complex world of wheels and casters, there exists a unique product called a v-groove wheel. It is also called a track wheel at times. This special caster wheel has a V-shaped groove along its tread. This groove enables movement along a guided course and evenly distributes load weight on its designated track. Whether you  have the need for wheels on a production line in a manufacturing facility, a DIY barn door project at home, or any other application that uses a track to guide a load, this caster wheel will meet your needs.


When To Use V-Groove Wheels


V-groove wheels are perfect caster wheel feature when you need to control load flow or have an application that requires precise movement. When a load is being moved across long distances, like a production line or as a towline, v-groove wheels are unmatched in performance.

However, it is worth mentioning that the biggest threat to v-groove wheels are the very tracks on which they are rolled. It is extremely important that the track's surface is smooth and the joints holding it together will not fail.

V-groove wheels are typically installed on the side(s) of the load that will use a track to guide the load. We highly recommend using a track on only one side of a load. Using a track on both sides should be used with caution because if the two tracks are not parallel and level, the v-groove wheels may slip off the track or bind up and prevent movement altogether.

Tips for Ordering V-Groove Casters

When ordering v-groove caster and wheel products, it is important to pick the option best suited to meet your needs. This can be difficult, especially if the caster wheel hasn't been specified by an engineer (i.e. spec'd in). If you have uncertainty in which v-groove wheel will meet your needs, don't hesitate to reach out.

When choosing a caster wheel bearing for a v-groove wheel, our standard all-metal roller bearing is frequently used, but tapered bearings are available, too. The design of a tapered bearing provides the advantage of handling large thrust loads and large radial loads. Roller bearing are only rated for large radial loads. This makes tapered bearings the best choice for towline and track applications. In place of a bearing, keyways can and often are used with v-groove4.06109.739 caster wheels that are used as drive wheels. Keyways are highly customizable.

The hub length of v-groove wheels can be cut, or lengthened by using spacers. A lubrication fitting (i.e. zerk) in the wheel is a standard feature of metal v-groove wheels. Bore size options are available and typically dependent on the wheel dimensions. V-groove wheel sizes vary from 4" in diameter up to 12" in diameter and wheel tread width from 2" to 4".

We don't have too many v-groove caster and wheel products available for purchase on our website yet, but view the below PDFs to see some of the most common v-groove caster wheel products that we supply.

CasterDepot offers a wide selection of v-groove wheels that can meet every heavy duty caster and wheel need, with a huge selection of options and customizations available. Let CasterDepot help you select a reliable and durable v-groove caster and/or wheel product that will to meet your application needs and keep your project on track.