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Dual wheel heavy duty casters for the toughest of applications

Dual wheel casters are masterpieces when it comes to strength and durability in caster design. When you require the finest quality caster components for enduring the most extreme industrial applications and enormous weight loads, this style of heavy duty caster is one you won’t want to miss. Most dual wheel casters have kingpinless rigs and this robust style of caster uses hot-forged steel, is manufactured with precision, and, depending on size and material, can handle loads exceeding 15,000 pounds PER CASTER!

Factors to Consider in Selecting Dual Wheel Heavy Duty Casters

Whatever your application needs, there are many factors to consider when you are seeking  dual wheel heavy duty casters.There are many, many options when it comes to selecting caster wheel material(s), caster wheel size, load weight capacity, caster wheel bearings, and caster brakes and swivel locks. However, every application is unique. We suggest starting with the require load weight capacity per caster when selecting a heavy duty caster. If you know you need a heavy duty caster that will support 8,000 pounds, this will affect the wheel size and then wheel material(s) available for your application.

Note: Remember to calculate dynamic load capacity by dividing the total weight of your equipment plus its load weight by the number of casters to get the weight needed per caster.

Benefits of Dual Wheel Heavy Duty Casters

When you need dual wheel heavy duty casters, price is typically not as important as durability and reliability. If you’ve chosen the correct dual wheel, heavy duty casters for your application, you can expect:

  • High resiliency wheels– often treaded with polyurethane, many color and durometer options are available
  • Stability and precision swivel action in kingpin and kingpinless swivel designs
  • Forged steel caster components that are made to last and built on certified heavy duty and extra heavy duty platforms
  • Flexibility in bolthole and top plate design
  • Heavy duty bearings for primed to reduce friction
  • Steel ball raceway technology for smooth rolling and swiveling

Specifications To Expect With Durable, Dual Wheel Heavy Duty Casters

Most heavy duty casters come standard with the following specifications but may vary depending on the specific model you choose for your needs:

  • 5/16" thick top plate constructed from hot forged steel
  • Grease fittings on the wheel and/or axle and in the swivel section (for applicable products)
  • 1/2" CNC machined axles with lock nuts
  • Rich zinc-plated finish

Get ready for some highly resilient, durable heavy duty caster products when you're in the market for dual wheel casters. Some of our bestselling dual wheel casters are manufactured by Hamilton Caster and Wheels. Other popular options are available and can be referenced in the Albion Caster catalog and FootMaster catalog.

Let CasterDepot guide you in your quest for relevant, worthy parts that will suit your needs now and well into the future. Durable casters are a worthy investment that will provide peace of mind, safety in the workplace, and longevity in your systems.