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Blickle Casters Making USA News

It has been an exciting year for one largest caster and wheel manufacturers in the world—Blickle! As a company on the move within the caster and wheel industry (pun intended, obviously), the German-headquartered Blickle recently broke ground in Newnan, GA. This first phase of construction will develop 55,000 ft² dedicated to the manufacturing and distribution of casters and wheels. With Blickle's planned growth, this facility expects its square footage to nearly quadruple with future phases .

Blickle, a family-owned business, was founded in 1953 as an ironmongery and has since become a leader in the manufacturing and sale of casters and caster wheels across the globe. The Blickle  product catalog is even available in 21 different languages! Today, the same founding family still owns and operates the company, but the caster company now employs 750+ employees and a presence in 120 different countries.

A Blickle caster for every application

Despite its European roots, Blickle offers a wide array of US Standard (non-metric) casters that are a formidable selection regardless of your application.  Blickle's offerings are extensive and includes a full selection of medical casters, institutional casters, industrial casters, heavy duty casters, spring-loaded casters, heat-resistant casters, pneumatic casters, leveling casters and more. The benefits of Blickle's global presence are obvious, too: large and small order quantities alike can be met with industry standard, or better, lead times.

With a selection so vast that the needs of virtually any industry can be met, Blickle also has an unwavering dedication to customer service. That’s not all—Blickle caster and wheel products have another major perk that our clients love: value.

Value in the Correct Casters and Wheels

Blickle prides itself in the higher quality of its products compared to the majority of similar imported products from the Eastern Hemisphere. Blickle casters and wheels are held in high-regard due to their superior craftsmanship and maintenance-free components. Blickle caster and wheel products are made with state-of-the-art technology and the company's manufacturing processes use the latest in automation developments.

When you have the right caster and wheel products at the right time, you're ensuring the safety and success of your commercial or industrial operation. Casters and wheels play an imperative role in nearly every industry, and Blickle caster and wheel products are dependable mobility solution for an wide array of applications. With Blickle's track record of pleasing customers abroad, expect to hear the Blickle name (and its correct pronunciation) more frequently more often in caster conversations in the coming years.

Although our partnerships with manufacturers like Blickle, Colson Group USA, Algood Caster Innovations, and Hamilton Caster allow us to offer quality caster and wheel solutions at competitive prices, but it's our excellent customer service and unmatched industry knowledge that our clients comment about most.

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