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Stem Casters for Tight Spaces

When it's time to mobilize your equipment, you typically have two options when it comes to caster attachment: top plate casters and stem casters. Top plate casters are bolted to their equipment through a metal plate. Stem casters casters use one of many different styles of stems  to fit into its equipment, and are normally used with inserts or sockets.

Stem casters are made for light or medium duty applications and are normally used in confined spaces, such as in the food service and hospital industries. Threaded stem casters and grip ring casters are the most popular for these tight spaces. Imagine a restaurant kitchen with multiple service carts that use large wheel and caster systems. Space, noise, and chunkiness are just a few of the disadvantages that result from using the wrong mounting style in this type of environment. When you select the right casters and wheels for your application, you can expect long-term usage, heightened productivity, and cost-savings in the long run.

Various Types of Caster Stems

There are a variety of stems that attach casters to equipment and can meet virtually any unique need. The most common styles are threaded stem casters, grip neck stem casters, grip ring stem casters, round stem casters, and expanding adapter stem casters. See below for a more detailed description of each of these popular styles.

  • Threaded Stem Casters: the most common type of stem caster; gently screws into the base of your equipment.
  • Grip Neck Stem Casters: typically used with a plastic or metal socket; the most common style for attaching casters to wooden furniture and for DIY projects
  • Grip Ring Stem Casters: this small stem is normally found on office chairs and other lightweight furniture
  • Expanding Adapter Casters: a secure stem that uses a flexible grommet that expands to secure it to equipment
  • Round Stem Casters: a heavy-duty stem typically used to allow the mobility of outdoor construction equipment, like scaffolding

Please note this these are only the most popular stems. If you're dealing with something a little less common, such as a square stem or knurled stem, don't worry, we've got those too. Get support from CasterDepot to make the appropriate stem caster selection for your small-space environment. With a little help, you can order the exact models to meet your needs.

How To Order Stem Casters

Measuring for stem casters is the most important aspect of your order. The process is delicate, so be sure to do some research in order to provide CasterDepot with the right measurements, especially if you are ordering in bulk. You need to measure the caster mounting type, find the wheel size, decide on the tread materials, and figure out how many casters you need. You also need to decide on caster colors and styles. For a crash course in learning to measure caster stems, check out our Twin Wheel Replacement Guide before you order. Once you learn more about the parts of a caster, measuring and selecting the right parts is much easier. Our caster consultants standing by to help you with projects of any scale. Stem casters are just one of the many amazing styles of casters that contribute to day-to-day work and simple living.