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AXX Ergonomic Casters and Wheels

There's an ergonomic emphasis in the mind of workplace leaders across every industry. As employers seek added comfort and safer alternatives, there is no better time to consider AXX wheels for your enterprise. AXX wheels are specially designed for maneuverability, zero maintenance, and versatility. These caster wheels are extremely compatible for automotive, manufacturing, towline, automated guided vehicle (AGV) applications as well as other push/pull applications in numerous industries.

Benefits of AXX Wheels

These ergonomically designed wheels make pushing and pulling heavy load weights easy, which is a fundamental benefit to employees in the workplace. Not only do they add safety and protection for your staff but AXX caster wheels will also meet your own company safety guidelines and protect your business. While ergonomic is the featured characteristic of these caster wheels, there are several other advantages when this component is brought into your environment. You can expect these benefits from your AXX caster wheels:

  • Surface and Floor Protection—engineered to eliminate debris and protect floors
  • Durable—manufactured using resilient, high-quality 85 Shore A polyurethane that is bonded to an aluminum core and provides increased durability
  • Multipurpose Components—versatility allows for towline and many other applications
  • Noise-Free—wheel material that is made for noise reduction
  • Skid-Resistant—polyurethane wheels are designed not to leave skid marks
  • Smooth—sealed precision ball bearings contribute to smooth rolling motion

With AXX wheels, you no longer need to invest in regular or ongoing replacements or repairs. These durable, ergonomically sound wheel and caster parts are made to last.

AXX Caster Configurations

There are a variety of AXX wheel configurations to consider when you are ready to order parts. With a wheel configuration in mind, there are plenty of options to choose from, so make sure you consult with an expert before placing a large order. Some of the standard AXX caster configurations include:

  • Swivel caster
  • Swivel caster with top lock brake
  • Maintenance-free kingpinless swivel caster
  • Maintenance-free kingpinless swivel caster with top lock brake
  • Maintenance-free kingpinless swivel caster with extended lead
  • Rigid caster

Each configuration comes with a its own set of specifications, with wheel sizes ranging from 4" to 8" in diameter. When you need ergonomically sound wheels along with durability and performance, let CasterDepot be your guide in selecting the ideal AXX wheel and caster for you application. When you invest in the right caster and wheel products, you promote heightened productivity and better morale amongst employees. Selecting AXX casters and wheels is a choice you’ll be glad you made to protect your workers and their environment.