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The 3 Best Wheels for Wooden Floors

Spaces with wood floors that also use mobile equipment can vary greatly. The space may be used for business operations, leisure, or a combination of activities. If you’ve made an investment in wood floors to enhance your workspace or living space, there is significant value in finding the appropriate caster wheel that rolls with ease and is both non-marking and non-damaging to your floor.

Keep reading to discover our top three recommendations for caster wheels that will rolling across wood floors and why and when each of them should be considered for your application.

1. Rubber Caster Wheels

Rubber has some unique properties that make it an excellent choice for caster wheels where resiliency and flexibility are desired. Rubber caster wheels are normally used in light duty applications, operate with minimal noise and are non-marking when used appropriately. Rubber caster wheels also absorb shock with ease, resist most chemicals, and are praised for their easy rolling over unexpected obstacles, like cords, cables, and bumps.

To effectively move heavier loads on wood floors, your casters can use a wheel that has a rubber tread and a cast iron core. Boasting all of the benefits of a solid rubber wheel, rubber on iron caster wheels have a metal core that provides additional strength, durability and impact resistance.

Rubber caster wheels are typically approved to handle operating temperatures between -20°F and 160°F. Solid rubber caster wheels normally come with a ball bearing, but rubber on iron caster wheels have a number of bearing options, including roller bearings, Delrin bearings, and sealed precision ball bearings.

2. Polyurethane Caster Wheels

There’s no doubt about it: caster wheels that have a polyurethane tread are well known as a dependable and non-damaging product often used on wood flooring or wood surfaces. The composition of these this compounds creates a non-marking material that ensures your floors stay without streaks. Urethane and polyurethane are Polyurethane caster wheels also are unique because they sometimes have different options for durometer (i.e. likelihood of indentation or hardness), come in various colors, and are made in countless diameters and widths with many bearing options.

Similar to rubber caster wheels, polyurethane caster wheels are also manufactured with different wheel core materials to accommodate heavier loads while still protecting wood floors. Solid polyurethane caster wheels are normally used for light duty applications, but polyurethane on cast iron wheels, polyurethane on aluminum wheels, polyurethane on polyolefin wheels and polyurethane on polypropylene wheels are often seen in medium duty and heavy duty applications on wood floors.

3. Colson Performa Caster Wheels

The Colson Performa caster wheel is obviously one of our favorite products here at CasterDepot, and for good reason. Easily the industry benchmark for quality, Performa caster wheels feature a soft and easy-to-roll thermoplastic elastomer tread that is permanently bonded to a durable polyolefin core. This non-marking caster wheel is designed to operate without failure between -45°F and 180°F and is a wise and reliable selection whenever floor protection is sought. When you care about your wood floors and want your casters to prove it, you can't go wrong with a Performa wheel. This highly customizable product has features that include:


  • A choice of either round or flat tread
  • Wheel diameters ranging from 1-5/8" all the way up to 12"
  • Bearing selection that includes ball bearings, roller bearings, caged roller bearings, Delrin bearings, pedestal precision ball bearings and more
  • Your pick of a grey or black tread color
  • Optional conductive composition
  • Availability for hand truck applications

You can see all of the available options for Colson Performa caster wheels in their catalog pages or contact us for help with your specifications.

Let Caster Depot be your guide for wheels that are suitable for wooden floors. Whatever the size and scale of your project, the Caster Depot team has the expertise to help you select the best casters and wheels to protect your wood floor without sacrificing mobility. allow your equipment to roll over wood surfaces and . Find the products you need to fit with your wood elements and protect your surfaces for years to come.