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A Lean Success Story

As TACK Electronics took the steps to create a more efficient manufacturing process, one of the first items on their to-do list was calling CasterDepot to discuss ergonomics.



The Project

When Todd Maines became President of TACK Electronics nearly five years ago, he had a vision for the company. Todd’s vision for TACK's future included improvements and more growth; the business flourished for its previous, and first, 15 years as a company. The area Todd identified with the greatest needs was the company’s manufacturing processes. Todd sought to implement lean manufacturing without losing focus on the on-time delivery and quality the company is known for. As an contract manufacturer of wire harnesses, standard cables, custom cables and electromechanical components for OEMs, there were many processes for Todd and TACK Electronics to consider.

The TACK team evaluated the environment where their products are produced and realized that space was limited, equipment was often shared, and flexibility within the workspace could be beneficial. TACK made the decision to use casters on its manufacturing equipment to avoid being restrained by the workspace’s permanent layout and help achieve their goal in becoming a lean organization. Their use of casters created a workspace that could adapt to the task at hand, reduce the energy exerted by workers and increase productivity.


A CasterDepot mobility expert and self-proclaimed “caster gal” Maria Hoffman took the reigns on this project to help Todd and TACK Electronics find their perfect caster. The new mobile tables being made by TACK would require sockets to attach the casters, and several other requirements needed to be taken into consideration. Most importantly, the casters needed to be able to roll smoothly and with ease. The casters also needed to have a low overall height, and be able to come to a complete stop.


When ease of rolling and smooth rolling were mentioned, Maria immediately knew the wheel to recommend: Colson Caster’s Performa wheel with a ball bearing. The Colson Performa wheel is the industry standard for rollability with its thermoplastic elastomer tread on polyolefin core and is available with the desired 3-1/2" diameter and 1-1/4" width. Maria went ahead and stuck with an all Colson product by matching up the Performa wheel with one of the 30+ available Colson 2 Series rig that uses a 1/2"-13 by 1-1/2"threaded stem and provided the appropriate sockets needed to attach the casters to the tables. Finally, the remaining requirement was met by selecting a total lock brake to use with the caster. The total lock brake’s ability to prevent both rolling and swiveling ensures movement only occurs when desired. An updated piece of equipment can be seen below.

You can purchase TACK Electronic’s perfect caster here.

Whether you’re looking to implement lean manufacturing like TACK Electronics or just need some replacement casters, get in touch with us! Being involved with mobility projects that allow us to share our knowledge and expertise like the one above is a major reason why we take pride in being leaders in the caster industry.