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The Versatile Colson 4 Series

There are no caster and wheel sets quite like the Colson Caster 4 Series. This series has all of the qualities of a classic western movie: diversity, grit, and glory. Packed with a wide range of design options to meet industrial and commercial needs on every scale, Colson 4 Series casters are built for both durability and capacity. From aerospace to automotive industries, the Colson 4 Series provides caster products that can be completely customized for your specific application. With all of the possible options, it's simple to select the versatile caster options to meet your business or industrial needs.

What’s So Special About Colson 4 Series Casters?

If you can imagine a mix and match travel wardrobe or a jewelry brand that offers interchangeable bezels or components, you might get an image of how Colson casters work. You essentially build the style and model of caster and wheel to meet your everyday demands at a cost that suits your budget. Take a look at these Colson 4 Series feature options:

  • Swivel or rigid top plate design in varying sizes
  • Kingpin or kingpinless swivel sections
  • Zinc-plated steel or Grade 304 stainless steel components
  • Wheel sizes from 3" to 8" in diameter with a tread width of either 1-1/2" or 2"
  • Welded-on or field installable bolt-on hand- or foot-activated swivel locks
  • Tread lock brakes, side lock brakes, top lock brakes, total lock brakes and Tech lock brakes
  • Dynamic load weight capacities reaching up to 1,250 pounds
  • A choice of roller bearing, caged roller bearing, Delrin bearing, precision ball bearing, pedestal precision ball bearing or bronze bearing
  • 20+ wheel options, including the Colson Performa wheels, cast iron wheels, rubber on iron wheels, polyolefin wheels, polyurethane on iron wheels, polyurethane on aluminum wheels, phenolic wheels, nylon on aluminum wheels and solid elastomer wheels

The options are endless. While there are millions of casters on the market, it’s not easy to find interchangeable alternatives for one caster series. When unique applications call for specialty precision casters, the Colson 4 Series won’t let you down. For example, when you require a stainless steel caster that uses a conductive Performa wheel with thread guards and has an upper and lower swivel seal on its double-greased rig, you have met your match. There is some powerful punch in this serious Colson Caster series.

Let the Experts Guide You

Name your industry, project, application, or equipment requirements, and CasterDepot has you covered. CasterDepot is a proud partner with Colson, a long-standing, innovative company that offers some of the best casters and wheels on the market. When you are ready to build the caster of your choice to improve your industrial equipment, our CasterDepot experts are available anytime to guide you. Making the right selection for durable and lasting high-quality parts for your project is a small investment that can last a long time. Small-scale or large, heavy duty or light, there’s a caster made just for your environment.