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Floor locks for a full stop

Almost every industry has equipment that use casters, and CasterDepot offers two different types of products that will prevent your wheeled applications from inadvertently moving and causing an accident: caster brakes and floor locks. Similar to caster brakes, floor locks are an economical and effective method to prevent movement and are especially prevalent in the automotive industry. Users can easily access a foot pedal that enables a floor lock and secure a load in place. The release pedal of a floor lock is also simple to use and readily accessible. Floor locks are designed to prevent slowing production when you need to secure a load in place.

How a Floor Lock Works

The mechanics of a floor lock system are quite simple. The floor lock is designed so that when a user presses a foot pedal, a compressed spring is allowed to release.  This spring causes the floor lock's non-skid brake shoe to push against the floor's surface and prevent the load from moving; floor locks use applied pressure and friction to immobilize a load. Pressing the release pedal of a floor lock will retract the spring, lift the brake shoe, and allow movement once again. Floor locks are normally used individually and typically installed between two swivel casters. For larger carts, floor locks are sometimes used in pairs.

Floor Lock Features

Some of the features offered by floor locks include:

The right floor locks are made to keep portable equipment in one place when used on a level surface. With safety a top priority for every environment, floor locks can be the solution you're looking for.

Finding the Right Floor Lock

With casters used for thousands upon thousands of applications, the type of floor lock you require will be determined by a few different variables. When looking for the floor lock best suited to your needs, be sure to consider the following factors.

  • The extended floor lock length should be 1/16" to 1/4" greater than the caster's overall height
  • Floor locks should only be used on level surfaces
  • A floor lock should immobilize a load, but NOT lift it off the ground
  • Be sure the retracted floor lock provides enough clearance that it does not become an issue when moving the load


Shop for floor locks here or get in touch with us to help determine the specifications needed for your project. You can expect longevity and durability from the floor locks you purchase from CasterDepot because whether you need a simple and standard floor lock or discuss a custom floor lock product, our partnerships with the industry's leading vendors provide access to exceptional manufacturing processes and high-quality parts and materials.