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Top 5 Casters and Wheels for Carpeted Flooring

We’ve all experienced that moment of disappointment when attempting to roll an office chair on the wrong surface. The chair wheels catch on some high-pile carpet and you fall over in a lump of agony. Or maybe it’s not that bad. Maybe the mail cart just thunders and wobbles along down a carpeted hallway on the wrong type of wheel for the application.

Both scenarios are not acceptable.

For furniture like office chairs and mail carts, the wrong caster on carpeted flooring can slow down and annoy even the most resolute. So don’t let the wrong casters get you down.

CasterDepot carries all the best casters and wheels for easy rolling on carpeted floors. Here are some of our favorite casters and wheels for carpeted flooring.


Shepherd Baron Caster

Besides looking nice, these 2” Shepherd Baron casters have a hard Polyolefin wheel tread that rolls well on low and medium-pile carpets. The Double Ball raceway ensures smooth turning. Available in Bright Chrome, Metalized Brass, and Windsor Antique (matte bronze), these ball casters roll great on carpet and look great doing it.



Shepherd Ball Caster (Soft Tread)

A similar vintage look as the Baron series, the Ball Caster is typically seen in a solid metal wheel that works well on hard surfaces and low pile carpet. For great functions with regular movement on low and high pile carpets, the classic Shepherd Ball Caster with soft tread is a safe and stylish bet. It is designed for use with home and office chairs. Available in 1-1/2", 2", and 2-1/2" wheel sizes, various stem and top plate mounts, and color options including Gold, Silver, Matte Silver, and Aged Brown.     



 Nylon Twin Wheel Casters 

For use with light equipment and chairs on higher pile carpet, choose unhooded twin wheel casters. We recommend Nylon wheels for easier rolling on both long and short carpet. Hooded twin wheel casters can be used on low pile carpeting.

twun75ng20bk Unhooded Nylon twin wheel caster

TwinWheel Caster Solutions offers one of the more comprehensive selections of twin wheel caster size, color, material, and mounting options. And they have exceptional quality for the price.



High Capacity Wheels and Casters for Carpet.

For almost any heavier duty application where smooth rolling and quiet operation are required on carpeted flooring, we recommend a soft Polyurethane or Soft Rubber wheel or with a high-quality caster. Pair a 2” polyurethane  AXX wheel or thermoplastic rubber Performa Wheel with Colson 4 Series or Colson 6 Series caster between 4" and 8" for best results.

These two ergonomic wheels roll and maneuver easily on any type of flooring. For continuous operation in carpeted work environments,  soft rubber or polyurethane wheels are great choices. 


Polyurethane on Aluminum Core

The AXX wheel offers easy rolling on low pile carpets and quiet operation at a great price point. The AXX wheel is available in 4x2 , 5x2, 6x2, and 8x2 sizes, with weight capacities ranging from 800 lbs -1500 lbs. 




Ergonomic Thermoplastic Rubber

The Colson Performa wheel sets the standard for quality and durability in its class. For heavier applications on carpet, look at the Colson 4 Series or Colson 6 Series. The Performa wheel is also available in 1 ½  and 2” widths, which can pair with Colson 2 Series or Colson 3 Series lighter duty casters. 



Would you like to have better mobility on carpeted floors?

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