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Wheels UP! A Look at Glass-handling Casters

In the world of casters, there are no right or wrong answers. Just solutions. For a lot of our clients, the more traditional standard mount (roll-y side down) suits their needs the best. But there are exceptions to the general rule. For example,  Albion’s Conveyor Caster, among others, is reverse mounted (roll-y side up) for best operation.

Regardless of how you roll, CasterDepot likes to see how people use our casters creatively. Take a look at what our customer did with some Shepherd casters.

 Casters for Glass Industry Use

A customer needed to transport sheets of glass inside a warehouse environment without fear of scuffs, scratches, or breakage.

This customer also needed:

  • The ability to move glass in multiple directions for easy handling
  • A soft wheel surface
  • Quiet operation
  • Economical costing and quick turnaround

With these requirements in mind, our caster guru, Dean recommended a Shepherd glass handling caster (pictured below), which is designed for reverse mounting. This specialty caster features ultra-soft neoprene wheels, ball bearing wheels, and a protected raceway underbody.   

Shepherd Glass Caster

Shepherd Glass Caster: Part # PGN20675ZN-NPR21(GG)

Here’s how these glass casters were used:

You need the best products, quick turnaround, and expert consultants. If you need the best casters for glass handling and sensitive materials, call or request a quote now.

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