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CasterDepot Answers the Call for High-Demand Colson Products

In the past month, many people with an interest in casters have heard about Colson’s warehouse roof collapse in Jonesboro, AR. Freak accidents happen (nobody really anticipates a basketball-sized portion of the roof to collapse from a heavy storm)  — and Colson has mobilized with the continued support of their suppliers despite some hurdles at their Arkansas facility.

How does this incident impact CasterDepot?

At CasterDepot, we purchase and stock A LOT of Colson products. In fact, we have over $2 million of Colson products ready for shipment. And while production ramps back up to usual levels for Colson, many other suppliers simply won’t have access to their products for a while. CasterDepot is in a fortunate position to help our customers get quality, in stock products. Fast.

Our recent acquisition of Bastian Solutions' caster and wheel division CasterDepot has ensured that CasterDepot has ample stock of Colson products, like the Performa Wheel and Pemco Casters that many other suppliers may have difficulty delivering.

How does this affect YOU?

If you’re looking for Colson products, give us a call — we have a lot of their rigs and wheels. We also stock and ship other product lines that best suit your application if a Colson product will not reach you in time.

Don’t let the unexpected slow you down. Count on CasterDepot to get you what you need.


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