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  • Kingpinless: The Reigning King of Casters

    You are most likely familiar with the traditional swivel caster and may recall its kingpin: the bolt or rivet that secures the caster’s top plate or stem to the lower portion of the swivel section. In addition to kingpin casters, kingpinless casters are also available and are most commonly used as heavy duty casters and seen in industrial environments.

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  • Hamilton Heroes jingle


    Sure, it is one thing for a car insurance or gum company to have a jingle, but a caster company? Writing a jingle is for a caster company is virtually unheard of, EXCEPT for the bell-bottom-sporting Hamilton Caster team of the disco era.  Hamilton recently dug up some interesting files from its 1970s marketing team and ran across the beauty below, the Hamilton Heroes "Fight Song."

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  • Custom built train table

    This custom application is not a new new project, but deserves recognition nonetheless! Major props to Maria on this project that required her to find the best casters to apply to a  custom built train table.

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  • Floor locks for a full stop

    Almost every industry has equipment that use casters, and CasterDepot offers two different types of products that will prevent your wheeled applications from inadvertently moving and causing an accident: caster brakes and floor locks. Similar to caster brakes, floor locks are an economical and effective method to prevent movement and are especially prevalent in the automotive industry. Users can easily access a foot pedal that enables a floor lock and secure a load in place. The release pedal of a floor lock is also simple to use and readily accessible. Floor locks are designed to prevent slowing production when you need to secure a load in place.

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  • Custom caster solution: Mobilizing an enormous homemade workbench

    We are a little over due, but still owe a major shoutout to Kristen Vereecken, our sales coordinator of almost a year now, for absolutely crushing it with this custom caster project.

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  • Colson Group reinvests in itself, to bring manufacturing jobs back to USA

    Recently, Colson Group,  a long-term partner of CasterDepot, announced an investment to bring some of the organization's Asia-based manufacturing processes back into the United States. These additional responsibilities will be given to Colson Group's two Michigan-based manufacturing facilities, located in St. Joseph and Albion.
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  • Determining the necessary weight capacity for your casters

    When you are selecting casters based on load weight capacity, there is nothing more important than selecting a high-quality product that is designed for a specific load. When you don’t take the time to evaluate your environment and gather the right information for your caster decisions, there are many issues that can result. Productivity may be affected, safety may be compromised, and ineffective parts may lead to great human frustration. The right parts are available for any load weight, but it helps to understand load weights and caster capacities along with application requirements when placing an order. Once you have completed an assessment of your environment, you're ready to select the right casters to meet your demands.
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  • Low Profile + Business Machine Casters

    When it comes to aesthetics and safety for your office environment, low profile casters are the way to go. When you need a sleek look that can handle heavy loads, low profile casters are your solution. Shepherd Caster's BLS/BMS Series low profile casters are a popular product here at CasterDepot, are RoHS compliant and are suited for every office applications that include copy and business machines, vending machines, storage units, electronics cabinets, dollies, and more. The BLS/BMS Series also offers a Sure-Lok brake and thumb screw brake system that will ensure safety in the workplace wherever casters are found. Check out the catalog pages for the BLS/BMS Series for all available features.
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  • Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade to Precision Ball Bearings

    Ball bearings for wheels are worthy casters components and are used for thousands of applications in every industry. These small metal pieces play a large role in reducing friction as they bear weight and pressure from both rotating and stationary parts. Though not extremely obvious, ball bearings can be invaluable because they are used in the rolling action for two types of loads: radial and thrust loads.

    However, all wheel bearings can break down over time and this severely affects caster performance by leading to costly workplace and productivity issues. When low-quality ball bearings are used, the resulting parts may not be to the standard needed for a particular application. Here are five good reasons to upgrade to precision ball bearings:
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  • FootMaster GDS Series™ – High Quality Shock Absorbing Casters

    The FootMaster Casters GDS Series features extremely high quality shock absorbing casters that are designed and manufactured  with precision to reduce noise and absorb shock. When you require shock absorbing casters, there is no matching the GDS Series. These specialty casters are invaluable when you require an anti-vibration, anti-noise solution in a low-speed environment. With these shock absorbing casters, you can always expect a cushioned ride. The GDS Series casters are perfect for uneven surfaces and high-debris areas. These shock absorbing casters can support fragile loads such as glass or high-tech silicon parts and are commonly found in medical equipment, automotive, electronic and other applications. Continue reading

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